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4-Week CNA Classes in Philadelphia

Completing CNA certification as quickly as possible can offer several significant advantages for individuals considering a healthcare career. One of the primary reasons why some individuals opt for a swift path to CNA certification in Philadelphia is the opportunity for rapid entry into the healthcare field. CNA programs are designed to provide essential training and education for those interested in direct patient care, and completing certification quickly means that aspiring CNAs can embark on their healthcare careers without delay.

Moreover, the demand for CNAs in healthcare settings is consistently high. Hospitals, nursing homes, long-term care facilities, and other healthcare providers often require CNAs to ensure quality patient care. By expeditiously obtaining CNA certification, individuals can position themselves to take advantage of numerous job opportunities and job security. Healthcare facilities frequently need CNAs to fill immediate staffing needs, and a swift certification process can facilitate their ability to secure employment.

4-Week CNA Programs in Philadelphia

To be fair, some of these programs are even shorter than four weeks, but if you’re looking for an accelerate CNA program near you in the city of Brotherly Love, you may want to check out the following programs.

CareBridge Academy

Program length: 3.5 weeks

CareBridge Academy in Philadelphia offers an accelerated Certified Nurse Aide Training Program, providing aspiring CNAs with the skills needed for success in the healthcare industry. This program stands out with its quick completion time of less than 4 weeks, comprehensive curriculum, and unique benefits such as lifetime job placement assistance, flexible schedules, and experienced nurse instructors. Located in Spring Garden, Philadelphia, and approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, this 100-hour program covers essential topics including healthcare fundamentals, infection control, and patient rights. It not only prepares students for the Pennsylvania Nurse Aide Certification exam but also emphasizes hands-on clinical training for real-world application.

The accelerated certificate program at CareBridge Academy spans 3.5 weeks, with classes running from Monday to Friday. It includes 59 hours of classroom and lab instruction, complemented by 41 hours of hands-on clinical training in a long-term care facility. With a focus on meeting the rising demand for CNAs in healthcare, this program offers stability and diverse career prospects. The cost is $1,495 with prepayment, and a $150 down payment secures enrollment, with a convenient 5-week payment plan available. CareBridge Academy provides an excellent opportunity to earn Pennsylvania Nurse Aide Certification, opening doors to a rewarding healthcare career. Learn more about CareBridge Academy.

Entry Level Nurse Aide Program

Program length: 4 weeks

The Entry Level Nurse Aide Program, located at the Germantown Campus in Philadelphia, offers a comprehensive CNA training course spanning four weeks and totaling 120 hours of instruction. This program is tailored to equip aspiring healthcare professionals with the skills needed to excel in the field and prepare them for the CNA State Board Exam. With flexible class schedules available in both morning (9 am – 2 pm) and evening (5 pm – 10 pm) sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays, students can easily accommodate their studies alongside their work commitments.

For a tuition fee of $1300, students receive textbooks, uniforms, and instruction from licensed nurses with extensive experience in the field. Prospective students can conveniently apply online or submit a printed registration form to the main office. The program also offers flexibility in payment, allowing students to make partial payments at various stages of the course. The curriculum covers a wide range of essential skills required for diverse healthcare settings, including nursing homes, hospitals, and home care. From monitoring vital signs to assisting with daily activities and maintaining cleanliness, students are well-prepared for their roles as CNAs. An introductory orientation held one week before the first class ensures that students are fully prepared for the program’s requirements. Learn more about the Entry Level Nurse Aide Program.


Program length: 4 weeks

The Philadelphia Academy for Nurse Aide Training, Inc. (PANAT) offers a comprehensive Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) program designed to equip students for the Pennsylvania State Nurse Aide Registry exam and a fulfilling career in healthcare. This four-week program covers essential topics and skills, including communication, infection control, safety procedures, client rights, personal care, and more. Graduates receive a Diploma in Nurse Aide Training and certifications in CPR, First Aid, Alzheimer’s, and Dementia Care, preparing them for the Pennsylvania State Nurse Aide Competency and Training Examination and enabling placement on the Pennsylvania Department of Health Nurse Aide Registry for entry-level nurse aide positions in healthcare settings.

To enroll, applicants must be at least 17 years old and meet specific criteria, including a minimum 5th-grade reading level and 7th-grade math skills. Health criteria, like a physical exam, negative TB screening, and a criminal background check, are mandatory, with PANAT actively assisting students with background clearance. While PANAT CNA graduates can work for up to 120 days post-graduation, passing the Pa Nurse Aide exam is necessary for continued employment. The program promotes non-discrimination and provides auxiliary aids and services for individuals with disabilities. PANAT’s high state pass rate, small class sizes, convenient location, and free off-street parking enhance its appeal. The academy actively connects students with potential employers during classes, boosting post-graduation employment prospects. Learn more about PANAT.

Tranquility and Allegiance Academy

Program length: 4 weeks

Tranquility and Allegiance Academy provides a Nurse Aide Training Program focused on equipping individuals for a rewarding healthcare career. The program emphasizes excellence, preparing students to excel in patient care and pass the Pennsylvania Nurse Aide Competency Exam for certification as caregivers. Admission requirements include being at least 17 years old or obtaining guardian consent if 17, passing a school entrance exam, and submitting a physician’s Health Form with a negative tuberculosis screening or chest x-ray. A clean criminal background check is mandatory. The program costs $1,800, covering tuition, uniform, equipment, and books.

Tranquility and Allegiance Academy’s commitment to healthcare excellence, transparent admission process, and clear financial details make it an attractive choice for aspiring certified caregivers seeking comprehensive training. Learn more about Tranquility and Allegiance Academy.

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